Monday, February 7, 2011

New For 2011

Does a loved one have a special birthday coming up, you know, one of those milestone birthdays? Why not treat them to something special.

Adult Diaper Cake!

New for 2011, Personalized Diaper Cakes is offering a new line of products to celebrate the next stage in life.

Just like our Diaper Cakes, these are completely personalized and can be made to reflect your loved ones interests.

Adult Diaper Cakes are made out of, you guessed it, adult diapers. Specifically, Depends. It's then decorated however YOU want.

This particular one includes Auburn color ribbon and is filled with gag gifts, including flashing 50th Birthday button, "50 Sucks" lollypops, and a "Over The Hill" glasses.

Wouldn't this cake make a great addition to that 50th birthday party?!


  1. LOL! This is awesome. I just came over here from BowerPower. Cute cakes!

  2. Thank you Heather! And welcome!

  3. I make baby diaper cakes and stuff , but you did a great job on this adult cake.
    I am following you on your blog and FB