Saturday, February 26, 2011

Latest Cake

Our latest cake!

A one tier made out of Pampers size 1 diapers (given as a gift to mom and baby, after the sweet little girl was born).

Mommy already had one little angel at home, so for this cake, we focused on items that you can never have too many of.

This one tier is made up of approximately 95 size one diapers. All cakes are made out of Pampers diapers.

On top, cute little Eeyore. Mommy loves the color purple, so Eeyore seemed fitting. Included around the cake, a NUK pacifier, Travel size Johnson and Johnson products (powder, lotion, shampoo and Desitin), a Gerber washcloth and Gerber soft tip heat sensing spoons.

Also on the cake, a Bright Starts teething ring.

Isn't Eeyore cute? Just behind Eeyore is a cute little soft hand rattle.

A close up of the ribbon used. A dark purple solid ribbon and then a multi-colored smaller purple ribbon on top to pull together the purple theme.

So what do you think? Were there any products left off that a new mom would enjoy/get use out of?

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