Why A Diaper Cake

Think about the last baby shower you attended. Do any of the gifts stand out? Did you walk away saying "wow, that was an awesome idea/gift?!"

Did you answer no to these questions?

Let's face it. Most gifts at baby showers are clothes, which, more often then not are worn once, if at all, before they are outgrown. Any of the "big ticket items" (stroller, carseat, etc.) are purchased by family or the mother and father to be themselves. So what does that leave for friends and coworkers?

Instead of being a part of the crowd, stand out.

Not only will a Personalized Diaper Cake be a "wow" gift, it will also be a PRACTICAL gift. Each cake is made out of Pampers diapers (what new mom can't use a ton of new diapers?), pacifiers (with pacifiers always being dropped, lost in a diaper bag, or just misplaced, you can never have too many), spoons (has any mom or dad ever said "we have way too many spoons". If the house is anything like ours with our almost two year old, then no.), and Johnson and Johnson travel products.

Personalized Diaper Cakes are also budget friendly. You tell us how much you want to spend and we work within your budget, ensuring you're comfortable with what you're spending, no hidden charges.

We promise a reaction. Upon walking into a baby shower and seeing a Personalized Diaper Cake as a centerpiece or opening up a beautifully wrapped cake as a gift, you will get a reaction from the mom to be and the other guests. You will be presenting them with the most talked about part of the shower, a lasting memory.

Don't you want to be that guest? That present?

We thought so.