Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Busy Busy!

Diaper cakes galore here lately!

After the three diaper cake order, I jumped right in to two more cakes. The first cake I finished was created based around a general "girly" theme, and the second was based around mommy-to-be's career as a hair stylist!

So, the first one:

I've been eyeing this stuffed turtle for MONTHS and couldn't wait to find a cake where it would work. 
 This cake is made out of 97 Pampers Newborn diapers, Gerber soft tip spoons, Johnson and Johnson baby products, teething rings, cupcake carseat toy
 Two NUK pacifiers, a pair of socks, one super soft wash cloth, a Bright Starts Teethe and Play caterpillar teether
And this super sweet girly turtle

And I'm in love with the ribbon. A white ribbon with a soft pink lining, and then a ruffle pink ribbon on top. It's so dainty and girly. I'm in love. 

Now on to the second cake. 

I'll admit, I was stumped on what I should use to top a hair themed cake. Nothing came to mind so I finally decided that I'd look around the store and see what jumped out at me. Finally, it found me. 
She just fits the theme. 

And now for the cake! 
 Made up 95 Pampers Newborn Diapers, a shake/rattle toy, two NUK pacifiers, Johnson and Johnson baby products, a Bright Starts Teethe and Play caterpillar toy, a bunch of hair bands
Teething rings, hair clips, rattle
and of course, headwraps and clips

So what do you think?