Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Why Personalized Diaper Cakes?

If you do a simple Google search for diaper cakes, a lot of options come up. So why choose a Personalized Diaper Cake instead of one of the others?

Here's just a few reasons.

-We truly let you customize your cake. From the number of tiers, to the theme, the colors and even what you want on the cake. Because of this, we don't have cakes pre-made and ready to buy, so our production time does take a little longer, but it you will be assured that the cake you're presented with truly is a one of a kind.
Other companies let you "customize", by changing out the ribbon

-The way we "bake" our cakes allow you to present a cake with a lot more diapers then our competition. On average, a 3-tier diaper cake involves 160 Newborn diapers.
Other companies construct their cakes differently, only using 45-60 diapers

-Our cakes are filled with useful items, from pacifiers to socks. Everything can be used by the parents.
Other cakes only include a few small things as decorations, or sometimes nothing

So look around at your options, we're confident that you'll come back to us!

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