Tuesday, October 19, 2010

No Baby Shower In Your Future?

No worries! Diaper cakes can be given as a gift at any time! Need ideas for a baby's first Christmas? Why not give that special baby in your life something unique for Christmas, something that will be used for more than just a few days before they lose interest in it? Ok, so maybe it will be more of a gift for that cute little baby's mommy and daddy. We'll bake your cake out of the size diapers that will fit that cute little tush and fill it with a bunch of goodies, toys, stuffed animals, socks, etc. Anything you can think of!!

As we create made to order cakes, please allow as much time as possible when ordering. On average, a three tier cake can take up to two weeks to create (plus shipping when needed). Single layer cakes can be created in a faster time period, but at least a week's notice is greatly appreciated.

Contact us for more details.

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