Saturday, September 25, 2010

Finishing the Cake

So I showed you what the undecorated cake looks like, now time to see the finishing steps.

First, find ribbon that matches your theme. For this one, I went with two different colors that matches the bedding picked out for the nursery.
It's hard to see from the picture, but I choose a blue bigger ribbon with an aqua smaller ribbon.
Then you take the ribbon and, using a glue gun, attached the ribbons to each layer of the diaper cake. I choose to use two ribbons on each layer, but this can be customized for each cake.

After the ribbons are attached, the fun begins!
Gather together the cake decorations and begin to plan out where you want things to go.

For this cake I had pacifiers, socks, newborn mittens, wrist rattles, spoons, teething toys, travel supplies, and washcloths.

And finally, the finished product!

And there you have it, a finished diaper cake!!

160 Newborn Pampers diapers
Johnson and Johnson's travel body wash
Johnson and Johnson's travel baby powder
Johnson and Johnson's travel shampoo
Travel Desitin
Baby socks 0-6 months
Newborn mittens
Newborn wrist rattles (2)
NUK pacifier (2)
Baby spoons (5)
Washcloths (2)
Frog teether toy
Pacifier clip
Stuffed elephant teething toy
Carter's elephant blanket
Stuffed elephant

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