Friday, September 17, 2010

Diaper Cake Examples

Very first diaper cake, November 2008. The couple was not finding out if they were having a boy or a girl, so I went with the nursery theme, ducks and frogs. In addition to the stuffed duck and frog, I include some grooming tools, travel size shampoo and powder, socks, and spoons, among other fun stuff. And to match their color scheme, green and yellow ribbon tied everything together.

Second diaper cake, June 2009. I went with a monkey theme after finding the adorable stuffed monkey. As for colors, I decided on brown (to match the monkey) and blue. Once the colors were picked, I found blue and brown goodies to display on the cake. I decorated with spoons, travel shampoo, lotion and powder, socks, slippers, sunglasses and pacifiers.

First four tier diaper cake. 2010. And my first girl cake! For this one, done as a surprise for the mom to be, I based the color scheme off of the nursery bedding. As for the stuffed animal, the mom to be loves giraffes, so it was only natural to pick a girl giraffe for the cake. Because of the size of the stuffed animal, I had to do something a little different, and had the giraffe off to the side of the cake. In order to have everything fit together, fake flowers were added to the cake, food for the giraffe! Another new aspect I added to this diaper cake was a matching blanket which I placed under the cake. The blanket also had a giraffe on it, matching the color scheme as well. Included on this cake: shoes, teething toys, spoons, socks, a small toy, travel size powder, shampoo and lotion, and pacifiers.

Girl diaper cake, August 2010. Again, the theme for this cake was based off of the nursery bedding and the stuffed animal on top was picked because the parents to be have two dogs, very similar to the stuffed dog. I again chose a blanket that matched the nursery bedding to place under the cake. In addition, I added a ballerina toy (mom to be danced growing up and in high school and college), bows and headbands, shoes, socks (placed on the puppy), newborn mittens, pacifiers and pacifier clips, travel size products, bath squirt toys, spoons, teething toys, and a few flowers to fill in any gaps.

So that's just a few examples of what I've done. Currently working on another one, and as I'm putting it together, I'm going to be documenting the process. Be sure to check back soon!


  1. Your diaper cakes look really unique!

    1. Thank you so much!! I love making them unique and personal for mommy and daddy to be.