Monday, February 3, 2014

Cars.... for Girls

Normally a request for a car diaper cake wouldn't be a big deal, but add in that it's for a little girl, makes it a little more challenging. But I was up for it!! And it was a cake that my 4 year old daughter could really get in to, the little car lover that she is!

Mom and dad to be are big NASCAR fans, so they were being thrown a car themed baby shower. I wasn't sure which way I was going to go with it, knowing that there would be a limited number of girly car items out there so I took a stance of, go out and look in stores and see what I could find.

I, of course, started with the NASCAR website, ordering two bibs for their favorite driver. From there, I found the ribbon. Naturally, any car ribbon I found was very "boyish", so I knew that I'd have to girl it up. Pink ruffle ribbon? Perfect!!
And after that, it just all came together. Pink toy car keys, check. Stuffed toy car, check. All things pink and purple, check and check.

This little baby is now in the mail on the way to California for a baby shower on Saturday. Safe travels little buddy!!

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